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The rolex Yacht-Master series is a series created by the brand specifically for yacht racing. When the first yacht-master was born in 1992, Rolex put aristocratic temperament on this watch. The precious metal and luxurious design all gave it Noble and elegant breath of this watch. This yacht masterpiece can be said to include almost all the iconic design elements of the Rolex brand. In 1995, the release of the new Yacht-Master, reinforced the aristocratic temperament of this watch. Today I will explain the Replica Rolex Yachtmaster watch of the AR factory.

The blue dial looks more layered. Its size is 40mm, the case is made of 904 stainless steel, and the steel is finely brushed. This is why so many people like AR. The dial is sapphire mirror, imported Swiss luminous powder, super luminous. The Best Yacht-Master m116688-0002 18CT-Gold Replica produced by the AR factory is closer to the original rolex in color and lustre, and it is better than the Noob factory. The delicate radial pattern, the second hand is bright in color, and the red is eye-catching.

One thing is not good here, that is, the bottom bracket is in a semi-hollow state, and the original is dense, but dont worry too much. You can see it when you wear it normally, unless you zoom in many times. Above the dial, a goldfish eye glass convex mirror adds a lot of color to the date window at the three o'clock position, and it is also another Rolex logo. The time scale is a large dot, and the six, nine, and twelve o'clock are triangles or rods. The hour and minute hands are also unique to Rolex. The second hand is red, and a round dot is left on the tip. It is coated with a luminous coating and can be easily read in the dark. The overall appearance is very good. Let's take a closer look at the details later?

The two-way ratchet outer ring uses a 60-minute progressive digital scale. Fine circle font and matte processing, the font is clear and powerful. This finishing touch, the red needle, corresponds to the red font below. The white font is viewed at 45 degrees, showing a 3D bump. At three o'clock, there is a blister-shaped calendar display window, and every little detail is a classic Rolex element. The font size of the calendar box is the same, without glitches, and the blue-coated magnifying glass makes it transparent.

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Another reason for wearing comfort is that the body of this 1: 1 Best Made Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Bule Dial Watch is very thin. First of all, it has no complicated functions and the movement itself is not thick. The lugs are small and fit the wrist. The case is also a Rolex classic Oyster design, water resistance is excellent. The classic Rolex logo on the side is polished and rounded, the polished surface is bright, the scale is deep fake rolex yachtmaster, and the texture looks good.

The back of the case is old, with a dense bottom design. The waterproof effect is very good, and the brushed on the bottom cover is very textured. The built-in 2824 self-winding movement has excellent stability and durability. Open the bottom cover. The inside of the bottom cover, including the movement of the movement, is very delicate. There is no cut-off because of not seeing it. On the contrary, it is better. Exquisite brushing process, corner polishing and smooth, not only beautiful, but also effectively reduce the impact of friction on watch appearance. The strap is also 904 steel, which is finely brushed, polished very bright, very bright, and looks close to the original. Although N does well, the AR factory is better than N in material workmanship. Stainless steel buckle, deep lettering and delicate workmanship. This replica rolex yachtmaster bule dial watch design is a collection of Rolex's strengths,It is both classic and fashionable in appearance. The workmanship can be felt from the real detail pictures, which is very good. The dial size is very suitable for most people to get started, and business sports are very suitable and unique.

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