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As the world's number one watch luxury brand, not only luxury is also very tasteful, every watch collector wants to own Patek Philippe, and in every aspect can adhere to its own inherent development rhythm and philosophy, low-key and stable. A good Rolex watch can make you confident in front of your friends, but a good Patek Philippe watch is enough to pass it on to future generations. I believe you can understand the difference without saying more. Today we are going to discuss Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica Watches, a classic and simple watch model fake Calatrava 5227 Watch.

Calatrava 5227 is a very good entry style. It was born in 1932. Most of the watches in this series are simple and classic. At the 2013 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair, Patek Philippe brought us the new watches of the Calatrava series, which are still convergent and elegant designs, still exquisite workmanship, and still Patek Philippe. The biggest feature is the separate dust cover on the back of the case, which is delicate and amazing.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica Watch made by this ZF factory is classic-looking. It is usually very artistic with shirts and T-shirts. The dial is not large, and girls wear it without any sense of inconsistency. There is a saying that once you have nothing else, it's perfect for you. Google search for more patek philippe replica knowledge and reviews.

First of all, this Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 Replica Watch looks very special. Simple three-pin plus a calendar. There is no excessive design language. The original is made of 18K white gold. Sanding treatment. It has a bright silver metallic texture, which is shiny and bright. The sapphire mirror has the characteristics of anti-scratch and anti-scratch, and is coated with anti-glare film.

The Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 Watch has a dial with a diameter of 39mm and a thickness of 10.2mm, which can be said to be an ultra-thin watch. The crown pit pattern of the crown is extremely regular and meticulous, which saves time and effort in adjusting time. All time scales on the disk are marked with a simplified nail structure. The dots and bars are aligned accurately, and there is no deviation! The font scale is clear and powerful, showing an elegant matte texture. The pointer adopts the shape of junior pin, which is simple and elegant, and the overall effect is very good. Calendar display at 3 o'clock, classic in classic.

There are two very special places when viewed from the front. The first is a pointer. This kind of needle can also be called a toffee needle. In fact, there is a brand in use for this pointer. Old drivers should know, Jaeger-LeCoultre. But PP and Jaeger-LeCoultre have some differences. The toffee needle is a dividing line in the middle to separate the two sides, so that it forms a slope and a slope. But PP is not sandblasted, all polished, which is a very classic needle shape. Now let's talk about the reduction degree of ZF. Although the whole needle is a kind of polishing and bright surface treatment rolex yachtmaster replica, it does not reveal too serious problems, so the entire needle, including the second hand, is good and relatively clean, which is in line with a quality control that should be valuable. If you really look at it with a microscope, I can't help it, so there are some things that can't be overly demanding.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica Watch, the second very classic is the scale similar to the shell, it is really a bit like it. Because the front and back are widened, the shape is fine, but it is very simple. It is not a plane, there are several slopes on it, and first of all, best replica watches is slanted down on both sides of the middle parting line. Then there is also a slope on the front and back. From the side, it turns into a diamond, a very special three-dimensional scale. So doing this scale is a very challenging job. Because it is too small, when you process it, there are four sides on each side. The four sides must be polished and polished to a certain brightness and Finish, so you get a special flicker in the light after you bring it in. This is why I have repeatedly emphasized a problem, and I have told you many times that this very simple business model is that its scale must have characteristics. If a watch is very simple, a large three-pin calendar, then you If you don't make a little effort on the scale, your watch is ugly, so sometimes the details are between this flash. Including the dots and bars are accurate, there is no deviation! And the font scale is clear and powerful, showing an elegant matte texture, and the three-dimensional sense of the side is also very full.

Let's take a look at the side work. It can be said to be an ultra-thin watch, only 10mm. The crown pit pattern of the crown is extremely regular and meticulous, which saves time and effort in adjusting time. At the top of the crown is the Patek Philippe brand logo, which is clear and complete. The arc of the watch body is natural and smooth, and it completely reaches the original effect!

Fake Patek Philippe Calatrava watches, the most perfect part is the movement part. The ZF factory uses imported 9015 automatic mechanical movements, which have been finely modified and polished to make Patek Philippe luxury Cal.324SC automatic mechanical movements, especially the deck And the clear lettering and lines on the automatic top make everyone who has seen it exclaimed and admired, no one will believe that this picture is not from the original hand, and the most important thing is that the perfect technology of ZF has a very low guide price It really makes watch fans unable to control wanting to own one!

The strap is paired with a classic black Italian calf leather strap, and the pin buckle is polished very neatly and without rough spots. The strap buckle is interchangeable with the original universal.

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